Mexico: May heatwave sees rising death toll

Heat-related deaths have been reported in at least three states this week, while hot weather had claimed seven lives across the country by May 4, according to the federal Health Ministry.

In the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosí, 10 people died with symptoms of hyperthermia between Wednesday and Thursday, according to a report by the La Jornada newspaper that cited local Red Cross and Civil Protection sources. Another person reportedly succumbed to a heat-related illness in Ciudad Fernández, located east of San Luis Potosí city.

In a weekly report published on Thursday, Mexico’s health ministry reported seven heat-related deaths this heat season between its start on March 17 and May 4, a tally that could rise after this week’s brutal heat.

Human-caused climate change and El Nino have been pushing up temperatures worldwide and causing deadly heat waves.

Source: Mexico News Daily

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