Hawaii Maui wildfires August 2023

The number of people on the official list of those missing from the Maui wildfire stood at 385 on Friday, nearly unchanged  from a week earlier,  with the death toll standing at 114. CBS News 2 September 2023

Pakistan floods 2023

Unprecedented floods that submerged huge swathes of Pakistan have killed nearly 1,500 people, as authorities said hundreds of thousands of people were still sleeping in the open air after the disaster. Reuters September 2023

Greek wild fires 2023

Since 17 July 2023, multiple wildfires have started in Greece. They have resulted in at least 28 deaths and injured 75 people, with over 80 wildfires being recorded. Seventy-nine people were arrested for arson.

Pakistan floods 2022

More than 33 million people were impacted by floods in Pakistan in the summer of 2022, 90 districts hit, and an estimated 8 million people were displaced. As of 18 November 2022, the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority reported that over 1,700 people had lost their lives and at least 12,867 people were injured. Red… Continue reading Pakistan floods 2022

US heatwave 2022

Provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which actively tracks daily and weekly heat-related illnesses, shows that 1,714 US deaths in 2022 were due to “heat-related” causes. USA Facts, 23 August 2023

Mediterranean wildfires July 2023

More than 40 people died in Algeria, Italy and Greece and thousands were evacuated as Mediterranean wildfires threatened villages and holiday resorts. Most of the deaths were in Algeria. BBC, 26 July 2023

Europe heatwave deaths 2022

An analysis published in Nature Medicine, estimates 61,672 heat-attributable deaths between 30 May and 4 September 2022. The research team obtained temperature and mortality data for the period 2015-2022 for 823 regions in 35 European countries, whose total population represents more than 543 million people. 7 July 2023, Barcelona Institute for Global Health

UK heatwave summer 2022

A record-breaking temperature of 40.3 degrees was recorded on 28 July, and a series of fires broke out across the country. Analysis by the UK Health Security Agency published in October, found that 2,800 more people aged 65 and over died during the periods of high temperatures than would normally be expected.

Hurricane Ian, September 2022

Hurricane Ian was the third-costliest weather disaster on record, the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, and the strongest hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Michael in 2018. It“came ashore on the western coast of Florida with an unforgiving storm surge”. It then moved up the… Continue reading Hurricane Ian, September 2022